We are seeking poetry written by a collection of diverse voices outside the Christian community. Please include a brief bio that explains your background and helps the reader understand any religious or philosophic beliefs that inform  your poetry.

We are looking for poems that answer the question, “Who was Jesus” from the poet’s perspective based on the gospel of John. Poets need not agree with the gospel or hold to any particular interpretation. Simply choose a writing prompt from the gospel of John as a starting point for your poem. Poets may draw additional inspiration from any source they find credible. For instance, if you are Muslim and your beliefs about Jesus are informed by the Koran, you may choose a passage from John and compare and contrast it with passages from the Koran to answer the question, “Who was Jesus?”  Other poets may find inspiration in music, art, history, current events, or their own life experiences.

We hope to include multiple poems from each chapter of the gospel of John. Poets are encouraged to submit up to five poems. Not all poems will be included in the book. Poems not selected for inclusion in the book may be posted on the website.

We have included some potential writing prompts from the gospel of John, although poets are encouraged to come up with their own.

If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to send a submission; e-mail me at

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